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Playful adjective – Given to good-natured joking or teasing.
Usage example: the little girl was lighthearted and playful

Teasing is a synonym for playful in light-hearted topic. In some cases you can use "Teasing" instead an adjective "Playful", when it comes to topics like mischievous, funny, joking. popular alternative
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Teasing adjective – Playfully vexing (especially by ridicule).
Playful is a synonym for teasing in mischievous topic. You can use "Playful" instead an adjective "Teasing". popular alternative
Nearby Words: tease, teased, teaser
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  • Video Game / Utawarerumono If one assumes it's viewed as an extension of the buttocks, then what the kids did was basically give her a playful/teasing smack on the ass, while Hakuoro grabbed himself a nice handful.
  • He also keeps saying how playful and teasing the killer is, while generally ignoring Rita.
  • Poland too, if in a different way (more teasing and playful than cute and hyper), gratuitously mixed with Cloudcuckoolander.
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