Pleasure and Thrill


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Pleasure verb – To give satisfaction to.
Usage example: a wine that is sure to pleasure even the most discriminating palate

Thrill is a synonym for pleasure in treat topic. In some cases you can use "Thrill" instead the word "Pleasure" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like delight.
Nearby Words: pleasant, pleasing, pleased, pleasurable, pleasantly
Synonyms for Pleasure


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Thrill noun – A pleasurably intense stimulation of the feelings.
Usage example: everyone gets a real thrill out of the Independence Day fireworks

Pleasure is a synonym for thrill in fun topic. You can use "Pleasure" instead the word "Thrill" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as sudden excitement.
Nearby Words: thrilling, thrilled, thriller
Synonyms for Thrill

How words are described

special special pleasure special thrill
certain certain pleasure certain thrill
sheer sheer pleasure sheer thrill
great great pleasure great thrill
Other adjectives: quick, sick, sublime, sexual, visceral, greater, last, greatest, sadistic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Does the Warden truly care about rehabilitating inmates, or is he just a crazy megalomaniac that's only in it for the thrill and pleasure of making others suffer?
  • Warrior Poet Additionally, a Cultured Badass can enjoy battle for the thrill and pleasure, but a Warrior-Poet will espouse something more mystical and/or spiritual from the fighting.
    Source: Warrior Poet
  • Series / Forever Serial Killer: Adam is of the "thrill" Hedonistic variety: he has lived for so long that killing people is the only thing that offers any pleasure anymore.
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