Plenty and Want


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Plenty noun – A considerable amount.
Usage example: plenty of people showed up

Want is an antonym for plenty in much topic.
Nearby Words: plentiful, plentifully, plenitude, plenteous
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Want noun – The fact or state of being absent.
Usage example: the proverb that begins, “for want of a nail, the shoe was lost”

Plenty is an antonym for want in topics: desire, lack.
Nearby Words: wanting, wanted
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Similar words of plenty
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Similar words of want
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How words are described

old old plenty old want
best best plenty best want
perfect perfect plenty perfect want
straight straight plenty straight want
Other adjectives: actual, big, great, little, decent, beautiful, new, several, available, undead.

Both words in one sentence

  • Jason's reaction is "I wouldn't want to live there, but I wouldn't want to live in Florida and plenty of people do."
  • At the end of the Silo mini-arc of AJCO Egg had plenty of chances to kill A_J - who had given her plenty of reasons to want to kill her.
  • In her own route, he reciprocates her feelings, while the blood-related one seems to very much want to marry her, or at least has plenty of subtext to that effect.
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