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Popular adjective – Held by or applicable to a majority of the people.
Usage example: popular opinion on that issue has changed dramatically over the years

Rare is an antonym for popular in common topic.
Nearby Words: popularity, popularize, popularise, popularly, popularization
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Rare adjective – Having qualities that appeal to a refined taste.
Usage example: rare specialty wools, such as cashmere, prized for their fineness, lightness and exceptional warmth

Popular is an antonym for rare.
Nearby Words: rarity, rarely, rareness
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Things that words describes

character popular character rare character
name popular name rare name
type popular type rare type
form popular form rare form
Other nouns: example, characters, game, weapon, version, books.

Both words in one sentence

  • The Red Stapler Mosrites were obscure guitars, but they had became popular in punk by virtue of being cheap (the Ventures models being popular); now they're rare and expensive because of those who played them.
  • It's rare that you get to watch a TV show or film without hearing popular opinion on it beforehand.
  • Thunderbolt Iron Among the many metals added in the popular Dwarf Fortress mod "Dig Deeper" is "star iron", which is both valuable and extremely rare.
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