Popular and Widespread


Popular adjective - Accepted, used, or practiced by most people.
Usage example: the popular custom of exchanging greeting cards during the holiday season

Widespread is a synonym for popular in common topic. In some cases you can use "Widespread" instead an adjective "Popular", when it comes to topics like property, prevalent. popular alternative


Widespread adjective - Having considerable extent.

Popular is a synonym for widespread in common topic. You can use "Popular" instead an adjective "Widespread", if it concerns topics such as extensive, prevalent. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Although they aren't really popular or widespread.
  • By the end of Hergés life Tintin had become and still is the most succesful European comic strip in the world, about as widespread and popular as any of the Walt Disney comic strips!
  • Disney / Bolt Look Behind You: "That's a weird place to put a piano." Lucky Translation: "Bolt" has many meanings in Russian as well, but the most popular and widespread is "screw".
    Source: Disney / Bolt
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