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Pot noun – The total of the bets at stake at one time.
Weed is a synonym for pot in thing topic. In some cases you can use "Weed" instead a noun "Pot", when it comes to topics like substance, marijuana, cannabis. popular alternative
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Weed noun – Any plant that crowds out cultivated plants.
Pot is a synonym for weed in thing topic. You can use "Pot" instead a noun "Weed", if it concerns topics such as substance, cannabis. popular alternative
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  • On Workaholics, the guys frequently smoke pot, and are fine with calling it pot or weed.
  • Film / Revenge of the Nerds Drugs Are Bad: Inverted; Booger brings pot to the Lambdas' party, and the weed gives the party the kickstart it so desperately needed.
  • Death Glare The Princeton pot dealer receives one from Kumar in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle after first overcharging him for weed and then trying to hone in on his hot British twin action.
    Source: Death Glare
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