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Premonition noun – A feeling that something bad will happen.
Usage example: she had a premonition that her cat would somehow get hurt that day

Sign is a synonym for premonition in omen topic. In some cases you can use "Sign" instead a noun "Premonition", when it comes to topics like vision, prediction, indication.
Nearby Word: premonitory
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Sign noun – A movement of the body or limbs that expresses or emphasizes an idea or feeling.
Premonition is a synonym for sign in vision topic. You can use "Premonition" instead a noun "Sign", if it concerns topics such as prediction, indication, omen.
Nearby Words: signify, signed, signature, signing, signboard
Synonyms for Sign

How words are described

appropriate appropriate premonition appropriate sign
strong strong premonition strong sign
real real premonition real sign
bad bad premonition bad sign
Other adjectives: ominous, strange.

Both words in one sentence

  • At least once, it was actually lampshaded—the psychic who advised Claire about her baby warned her that blurriness is a very bad sign in a premonition.
  • Literature / Childhood's End The reason we thought they were evil and used them in our mythologies as such, was mostly because of a sort of species-wide premonition - we now realized that their very own appearance would be a sign of our 'end as a physically corporeal species'.
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