Preserve and Retain


Preserve verb - To keep in good condition.

Retain is a synonym for preserve in keep topic. In some cases you can use "Retain" instead a verb "Preserve", when it comes to topics like maintain, care for, persevere. popular alternative


Retain verb - To continue to have in one's possession or power.
Usage example: I plan to retain the family heirlooms until my own children are mature enough to appreciate them, and then I will lovingly pass them on

Preserve is a synonym for retain in keep topic. You can use "Preserve" instead a verb "Retain", if it concerns topics such as maintain, persevere, hold on to physically or mentally. popular alternative

Nearby Words: retainer, retaining

Common collocations

humanity preserve humanity retain humanity
friendship preserve friendship retain friendship
soul preserve soul retain soul
sense preserve sense retain sense
Other words: consciousness, mind, power, youth, beauty, image, body, value, honor, name, knowledge, identity, information, voice, memory, sanity, innocence, rating, bodies, memories.

Both words in one sentence

  • Most NTSC-to-PAL conversions used this process, as it would make sense to preserve the image quality than to retain the speed.
  • Mildly Military Of course, Bradford and any by-the-book operatives you might retain will still hold on to whatever shreds of discipline and protocol they can afford to preserve.
  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence However, it's a pretty raw deal, as while it grants apparent immortality, you do not retain the memories of incarnations sent into the world, exist outside time and Guardians get the extra special benefit of getting sent to 'preserve the balance' ie.
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