Presumably and Supposedly


Presumably adverb - To all outward appearances.
Usage example: presumably he's going on the trip for business reasons, but we have our doubts

Supposedly is a synonym for presumably in as if topic. In some cases you can use "Supposedly" instead an adverb "Presumably", when it comes to topics like likely, apparently, roughly. popular alternative


Supposedly adverb - Believed or reputed to be the case.
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Synonyms for Supposedly

Presumably is a synonym for supposedly in as if topic. You can use "Presumably" instead an adverb "Supposedly", if it concerns topics such as apparently, roughly. popular alternative

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Both words in one sentence

  • Music / Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~ Hair Color Dissonance: Yuu supposedly has brown hair, but many illustrations adds some red/purple highlights, presumably to keep it from looking too similar to Natsuki and Souta's hair colours.
  • His father supposedly died when he was very young, and he presumably had a Missing Mom, because custody was more or less given to the king and Modula, who sent him off to a military boarding school.
  • The truck he supposedly scanned is presumably in Africa, which is where we first see him in that movie.
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