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Prior adjective – Going before another in time or order.
Usage example: we've made prior arrangements

Subsequent is an antonym for prior in earlier topic.
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Subsequent adjective – Being, occurring, or carried out at a time after something else.
Usage example: I'll do the first problem as an example, but all subsequent efforts must be done on your own

Prior is an antonym for subsequent in after topic.
Nearby Words: subsequently, subsequence
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Things that words describes

appearance prior appearance subsequent appearance
series prior series subsequent series
death prior death subsequent death
episode prior episode subsequent episode
Other nouns: time, game, actions, battle, film, war, movies, works, years, books, events, stories, installments, appearances, films, games, releases, scenes, seasons, encounters, attempts, versions, episodes, albums, editions.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Imperial Japan Caught up in this would be the day that has (together with the dropping of the Atomic Bombs) in most Americans' opinions defined most/all prior and subsequent US-Japanese relations: the day the Imperial Navy attacked the US Pacific Fleet at anchor in Hawaii.
  • Evil Is Petty Loki prior to his Heroic Sacrifice and subsequent reincarnation is the self-described God of Mischief.
    Source: Evil Is Petty
  • In prior years, Willis ran Dinosaur Comics-esque strips, recycling the artwork in subsequent years in Dinosaur Comics fashion.
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