Prophecy and Vision


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Prophecy noun – A declaration that something will happen in the future.
Vision is a synonym for prophecy in prediction topic. In some cases you can use "Vision" instead a noun "Prophecy", when it comes to topics like foresight.
Nearby Words: prophetic, prophet, prophetical, prophetically
Synonyms for Prophecy


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Vision noun – A conception or image created by the imagination and having no objective reality.
Prophecy is a synonym for vision in foresight topic. You can use "Prophecy" instead a noun "Vision", if it concerns topics such as apparition.
Nearby Words: visionary, visible, visibility, visional
Synonyms for Vision

How words are described

good good prophecy good vision
full full prophecy full vision
particular particular prophecy particular vision
similar similar prophecy similar vision
Other adjectives: standard, original, fake, true, accurate, divine, actual, real, great, false, horrible, vague, final, mysterious, apocalyptic, last.

Both words in one sentence

  • A somewhat mean-spirited prophecy twist occurs in the finale of season 3 with Angela's dream vision that Matt Parkman would save Nathan.
  • Western Animation / Treehouse of Horror Prophecy Twist: Ned thinks in The Ned Zone that he must avoid his scary vision about Homer, instead he's forced to shoot Homer to stop him causing a nuclear meltdown-which then happens anyway.
  • Film / Big Fish Prophecy Armor: The hero Edward claims that he learned how he would die via a vision in a witch's eye.
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