Province and Region


Province noun - A region of activity, knowledge, or influence.
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Synonyms for Province

Region is a synonym for province in area topic. In some cases you can use "Region" instead a noun "Province", when it comes to topics like field, sphere, place, division. popular alternative

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Region noun - A part or portion having no fixed boundaries.
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Synonyms for Region

Province is a synonym for region in area topic. You can use "Province" instead a noun "Region", if it concerns topics such as sphere, field, division, space. popular alternative

Nearby Words: regional, regionalism, regionally

How words are described

faraway faraway province faraway region
particular particular province particular region
mountainous mountainous province mountainous region
single single province single region
Other adjectives: native, entire, real, distant, rural, remote, new, impoverished, titular, last, central, different, historical, surrounding, north, northern, populated, southeastern, backwater, largest, coastal.

Both words in one sentence

  • Heck, the Philippines itself is riddled with Misplaced Regionalism, with denizens of different provinces all proclaiming their province/region is the best.
  • Useful Notes / Belgium The new nation was named after a Celtic tribe from the region which already had given its name to the province that had encompassed the northern part of Roman Gaul.
  • Where Dark Crusade allowed you to jump from province to province once you had the starport, Soulstorm had a Warp Storm preventing planetary jumps and forcing you to use the Portal Network instead (and had a region bonus that lets you move faster through your own terrain).
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