Pulse and Rhythm


Pulse noun - A rhythmic expanding and contracting.
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Synonyms for Pulse

Rhythm is a synonym for pulse in beat topic. In some cases you can use "Rhythm" instead a noun "Pulse". popular alternative


Rhythm noun - The recurrent pattern formed by a series of sounds having a regular rise and fall in intensity.
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Synonyms for Rhythm

Pulse is a synonym for rhythm in beat topic. You can use "Pulse" instead a noun "Rhythm", if it concerns topics such as metre. popular alternative

Nearby Words: rhythmic, rhythmical, rhythmically

How words are described

steady steady pulse steady rhythm
faint faint pulse faint rhythm
special special pulse special rhythm
irregular irregular pulse irregular rhythm
Other adjectives: natural, short, current, simple, little, psychic, main, new, electronic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Franchise / Avatar: The Last Airbender Living Lie Detector: Seismic Sense, used to 'see' the world through vibrations to the point of sensing the subtle inconsistencies in people's rhythm and pulse.
  • Manga / Psyren Healing effectively with PSI requires you to synchronize with your target's rhythm (breathing, pulse, etc.), a mindset which naturally has quite a few combat applications.
  • Narm / Music The Rhythm Game O2Jam has "I Need Your Love" by Red Pulse, a lovely house song that throws in pointless rapping near the end of the song (1:45 in the video).
    Source: Narm / Music
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