Purportedly and Supposedly


Purportedly adverb - Believed or reputed to be the case.
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Synonyms for Purportedly

Supposedly is a synonym for purportedly in presumably topic. In some cases you can use "Supposedly" instead an adverb "Purportedly", when it comes to topics like by allegation. popular alternative


Supposedly adverb - Believed or reputed to be the case.
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Synonyms for Supposedly

Purportedly is a synonym for supposedly in presumably topic. You can use "Purportedly" instead an adverb "Supposedly", if it concerns topics such as seemingly. popular alternative

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  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs? Purportedly written by Paracelsus, supposedly an alchemical text by way of allegory, actually reading it without background makes you wonder what the writer was on.
  • Disaster in that those tropes involve amateurs attempting tasks in which they are untrained, and this trope applies to people who are (supposedly) trained and (purportedly) do for a living.
  • Series / Get Smart Orient Express: "Aboard the Orient Express" Parody: Get Smart was purportedly a parody of The Man From Uncle, itself supposedly a parody of James Bond movies (ironically, James Bond was originally meant to be a parody itself, of even earlier "series" spy-genre films).
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