Quicken and Revive


Quicken verb - To give life, vigor, or spirit to.
Usage example: the news that we'd head to Florida for Christmas quickened the children, who instantly began jumping for joy

Revive is a synonym for quicken in stimulate topic. In some cases you can use "Revive" instead a verb "Quicken", when it comes to topics like invigorate, enliven, liven up, rejuvenate. popular alternative

Nearby Words: quick, quickness, quickened, quickening


Revive verb - Return to consciousness.
Usage example: She revived after the doctor gave her an injection

Quicken is a synonym for revive in enliven topic. You can use "Quicken" instead a verb "Revive", if it concerns topics such as come round, invigorate, liven up, rejuvenate. popular alternative

Nearby Words: revival, reviving, reviver
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