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Quite adverb – To a full extent or degree.
Truly is a synonym for quite in part of speech topic. In some cases you can use "Truly" instead an adverb "Quite", when it comes to topics like indeed, completely.
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Truly adverb – Not merely this but also.
Quite is a synonym for truly (North American) in part of speech topic. You can use "Quite" instead an adverb "Truly", if it concerns topics such as indeed.
Nearby Word: truism
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  • Rouge Angles of Satin Something can be truly unique, really unique, nearly unique, nigh-unto unique, but it can never be very or quitenote In the American sense of "quite", meaning "very." To the British, "quite" means almost.
  • Literature / Kitty Norville It leads to quite the existential crisis when she has to wonder if this truly means All Myths Are True and what she believes is called into question.
  • Literature / Godspeaker Trilogy Ambition Is Evil: It's never quite clear whether one of Hekat's viler acts is truly motivated by her god speaking to her from within, or just her own ambition.
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