Realistic and Unreal


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Realistic adjective – Aware or expressing awareness of things as they really are.
Usage example: a realistic appraisal of our chances

Unreal is an antonym for realistic.
Nearby Words: realize, real, realise, reality, really
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Unreal adjective – Conceived or made without regard for reason or reality.
Usage example: an unreal claim that is distant from the slightest hint of truth

Realistic is an antonym for unreal.
Nearby Words: unrealistic, unreality
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Similar words of realistic
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Similar words of unreal
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Things that words describes

manner realistic manner unreal manner
character realistic character unreal character
amount realistic amount unreal amount
proportions realistic proportions unreal proportions
Other nouns: colours, colors, levels.

Both words in one sentence

  • Pretty Little Headshots Deus Ex, based on the Unreal Engine, was fairly realistic for the time as far as gameplay was concerned.
  • Video Game / Lollipop Chainsaw As mentioned earlier, viewing from the front shows that she has a goofy and cartoony skeleton, despite looking realistic on the outside (or, as realistic as the Unreal Engine allows, anyway), and you can even get a trophy/achievement for shocking her 10 times.
  • Gatling Good The Ballistic Weapons mod of Unreal Tournament 2004 adds a realistic minigun with variable rate of fire: it can fire single shots, 900 RPM, 1800 RPM or 3600 RPM.
    Source: Gatling Good
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