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Reap verb – To catch or collect (a crop or natural resource) for human use.
Usage example: my great-grandfather had to reap the wheat on his family farm with a hand scythe

Sow is an antonym for reap in collect topic.
Nearby Word: reaping
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Sow verb – To put or set into the ground to grow.
Usage example: first sow the seeds in potting soil

Reap is an antonym for sow in plant topic.
Nearby Words: sowed, sown, sower, sowing
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Similar words of reap
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Similar words of sow
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Common collocations

field reap field sow field
death reap death sow death
havoc reap havoc sow havoc
way reap way sow way
Other nouns: pain, seeds, amounts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Also the idea of karma that informs Wheatley's books: ye reap what ye sow, defined as one of the primal laws of all being.
  • Ironic Echo: "If you rule through chaos, you reap what you sow." Said firstly by Joan to Bea after Bea is shivved, then by Bea to Joan after Joan sets the prison on fire during a meltdown.
  • Series / Bar Karma Thematic Theme Tune: Basically the only lyrics are "You will always reap what you sow." The Reveal: Doug and Dayna were childhood friends.
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