Rear and Seat


Rear noun - The part of the body upon which someone sits.
Usage example: fell off her skates onto her rear

Seat is a synonym for rear in body topic. In some cases you can use "Seat" instead a noun "Rear", when it comes to topics like buttocks, over, behind, back or end part. popular alternative

Nearby Words: rearmost, rearwards, rearward, rearer


Seat noun - The part of the body upon which someone sits.
Usage example: fell down on his well-padded seat

Rear is a synonym for seat in body topic. You can use "Rear" instead the word "Seat" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as bottom, buttocks, over, rear end of animate being. popular alternative

Nearby Words: seating, seated

How words are described

normal normal rear normal seat
front front rear front seat
big big rear big seat
back back rear back seat

Both words in one sentence

  • The first two Saints Row games avert this partially in that two-door four-seat convertibles can have rear passengers (they hop over the side), but two-door four-seat coupes can't, using this trope.
  • Gangsta Style The guy in the front seat during a drive-by would hold his weapon on its side so that the ejected casings wouldn't be propelled into the rear window - instead they would be ejected up onto or over the top of the car.
    Source: Gangsta Style
  • For cargo models, the rear seats and seat belts are removed and the rear glass is replaced with solid metal panels when the vehicle arrives in America.
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