Recreant and Turncoat


Recreant noun - A person who abandons a cause or organization usually without right.
Usage example: traditionally armies have dealt harshly with recreants, with execution being a common punishment for desertion during wartime

Turncoat is a synonym for recreant in approach topic. In some cases you can use "Turncoat" instead a noun "Recreant", when it comes to topics like renegade, rebel, traitor. popular alternative

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Turncoat noun - One who betrays a trust or an allegiance.
Usage example: the plot of the story revolved around the gangster's relentless determination to learn the identity of the turncoat
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Recreant is a synonym for turncoat in approach topic. You can use "Recreant" instead a noun "Turncoat", if it concerns topics such as renegade, rebel, traitor. popular alternative
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