Regard and Treasure


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Regard verb – To think very highly or favorably of.
Usage example: an astronomer who is highly regarded by his peers

Treasure and regard are semantically related in honour topic. In some cases you can use "Treasure" instead a verb "Regard".
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Treasure verb – To hold dear.
Usage example: I'll always treasure the time my friend and I spent together this past summer

Regard and treasure are semantically related in honour topic. Sometimes you can use "Regard" instead a verb "Treasure", if it concerns topics such as respect, honor.
Nearby Words: treasured, treasury, treasurer, treasuring
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How words are described

good good regard good treasure
special special regard special treasure
specific specific regard specific treasure
certain certain regard certain treasure
Other adjectives: single, small, actual, real, great, personal, ultimate, last, sacred.

Common collocations

love regard love treasure love
life regard life treasure life
people regard people treasure people
way regard way treasure way
Other nouns: lives, Jews.

Both words in one sentence

  • Failed Dramatic Exit Pearce; and damn the coffee; and damn you; and damn my own folly in having lavished MY hard-earned knowledge and the treasure of my regard and intimacy on a heartless guttersnipe!
  • Worthless Yellow Rocks Yet another example, Scrooge finds an aquatic race who regard shipwreck treasure as worthless garbage, and keep it in a landfill.
  • Ancient equipment is inconsistent in this regard, as the ludicrously rare Third Age equipment, obtainable only through the most difficult treasure trails, are from the same time period as the other sets, and indestructable.
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