Relax and Tense


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Relax verb – To get rid of nervous tension or anxiety.
Usage example: she took deep breaths to relax before going on stage

Tense is an antonym for relax in topics: lessen, diminish, be or feel at ease.
Nearby Words: relaxed, relaxation, relaxing
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Tense verb – To draw tight.
Usage example: he tensed his muscles and attempted to lift the heavy appliance onto the truck

Relax is an antonym for tense.
Nearby Words: tensing, tensed, tension, tenseness, tensely
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Common collocations

muscles relax muscles tense muscles

Both words in one sentence

  • Don't Eat and Swim The best thing to do in the event of a cramp suffered while swimming is to relax and tense the affected muscle, or stay afloat until help arrives.
  • Web Video / React Even better: just minutes before that we had Seth going "I am so tense right now... just (exhales) just relax." Cue the first Jump Scare.
  • Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene They are present to contrast against the tense action scenes, and allow the audience to relax, or fall in love.
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