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Remark verb – To make a statement of one's opinion.
Usage example: her date awkwardly remarked on the attractiveness of the background music in the restaurant

Talk and remark are semantically related in utterance topic. In some cases you can use "Talk" instead the word "Remark" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like comment.
Nearby Words: remarkable, remarkably, remarked, remarking
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Talk verb – To express (a thought or emotion) in words.
Usage example: you're talking nonsense: take a minute and think about what you are trying to say, and then start speaking

Remark and talk are semantically related in utterance topic. Sometimes you can use "Remark" instead the word "Talk" as a verb or a noun.
Nearby Words: talking, talkative, talker, talkie
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How words are described

similar similar remark similar talk
brief brief remark brief talk
short short remark short talk
friendly friendly remark friendly talk
Other adjectives: single, small, careless, little, quick, innocent, casual, last, occasional.

Common collocations

hero remark hero talk hero
guy remark guy talk guy
boy remark boy talk boy
time remark time talk time
Other nouns: way, king, times, women.

Both words in one sentence

  • Retraux Characters occasionally remark In-Universe that none of the other talk shows do this sort of thing anymore.
    Source: Retraux
  • Video Game / Suikoden I To do so, you need to get the castle up towards its maximum size, which Leon will remark upon the next time you talk to him.
  • Visual Novel / Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors When the group is looking for Snake, Junpei can talk to Ace, and remark that he's surprised that Clover and Snake are siblings.
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