Repair and Smash


Repair verb - To bring back to a former condition or vigor.

Smash is an antonym for repair.


Smash verb - To bring to a complete end the physical soundness, existence, or usefulness of.
Usage example: the invading troops smashed the resistance and went on to conquer the country

Repair is an antonym for smash in defeat topic.

Nearby Words: smashed, smashing, smasher, smashable

How words are described

good good repair good smash
special special repair special smash
instant instant repair instant smash
simple simple repair simple smash
Other adjectives: actual, constant, massive, new, later, giant.

Common collocations

people repair people smash people
stuff repair stuff smash stuff
face repair face smash face
machine repair machine smash machine
Other words: hole, car, crystal, ship, items, tank, objects, holes, windows, walls, shields, tanks, robots.

Both words in one sentence

  • In the ensuing fight with Flash, they accidentally smash the toy, and Humanite helps to repair and deliver it.
    Source: Noble Demon
  • His big-ass hammer takes off a LOT of HP with its smash attacks, often breaking your armor in the process (and trying to repair your armor with two tons of big red beast bearing down on you is no easy task!).
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