Restricted and Unlimited


Restricted adjective - Having distinct or certain limits.
Usage example: the public is allowed some restricted access to the government-owned land

Unlimited is an antonym for restricted.


Unlimited adjective - Being or seeming to be without limits.
Usage example: no ruler should ever be given unlimited power

Restricted is an antonym for unlimited in extensive topic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game Flight Usage can become unlimited if the right option is enabled in a Multiplayer/Firefight game, but it's still restricted by level boundaries.
  • Like The End, it was soon restricted after a year, but unlike The End, it has still not yet been totally unlimited, with only two copies of it allowed in a Japanese deck.
  • Nuclear aircraft carriers in the US Navy, thanks to the virtually unlimited endurance and power of their reactors, have a top speed and endurance greater than much smaller ships restricted to conventional sources of power.
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