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Subsequent is a synonym for resulting in consequent topic. In some cases you can use "Subsequent" instead an adjective "Resulting", when it comes to topics like resultant.
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Subsequent adjective – Being, occurring, or carried out at a time after something else.
Resulting is a synonym for subsequent in consequent topic. You can use "Resulting" instead an adjective "Subsequent", if it concerns topics such as after, resultant.
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Synonyms for Subsequent

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  • Temporal Paradox Here they tell them to escape from Cybertron, eventually resulting in them coming to Earth and all subsequent events in the story.
  • Badass Decay His desperation to prove that he is still bad leads to him blowing up Chris' cottage, resulting in his subsequent arrest and removal from the competition.
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  • It involves hitting your target separately with subsequent joints of the hand, resulting in two rapid blows.
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