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Retain verb – To continue to have in one's possession or power.
Store and retain are semantically related In some cases you can use "Store" instead a verb "Retain".
Nearby Words: retainer, retaining
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Store verb – To put (something of future use or value) in a safe or secret place.
Usage example: squirrels commonly store nuts in the hollows of trees and other places to prepare for the winter

Retain and store are semantically related in keep topic. Sometimes you can use "Retain" instead a verb "Store".
Nearby Words: stored, storage, storehouse, storeroom, storing
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Common collocations

consciousness retain consciousness store consciousness
mind retain mind store mind
power retain power store power
strength retain strength store strength
Other nouns: youth, body, knowledge, mass, number, equipment, time, information, title, items, powers, weapons, memories.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / The American Civil War The revolutionary Minié Ball which was heavier and more accurate than the traditional round ball could store and retain more kinetic energy, which increased the likelihood of over-penetration.
  • Comic Strip / FoxTrot The coach Face Palms and says, "Boys, I thought I told you to let the store tell you what cup size you need." Gamer Chick: Eileen becomes this in a few story arcs but never seems to retain it otherwise.
  • The "nimble" zombies appear to retain their intelligence and even trick the protagonists to entering a shed where they store food.
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