Rich and Well-to-do


Rich adjective - Having goods, property, or money in abundance.
Usage example: you would have to be quite rich to be able to afford a home in that neighborhood

Well-to-do is a synonym for rich in wealthy topic. In some cases you can use "Well-to-do" instead the word "Rich" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like property, having a lot of money, wealthy people or institutions. popular alternative

Nearby Words: richness, riches, richly, Richie


Well-to-do adjective - In fortunate circumstances financially; moderately rich.
Usage example: well-to-do members of the community

Rich is a synonym for well-to-do in wealthy topic. You can use "Rich" instead the phrase "Well-to-do" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as property, well-off. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Web Video / Epic Rap Battles of History In real life, Sir William Wallace was a rich, well-to-do land owning nobleman from the southlands of Scotland.
  • Interestingly, the members of the group were rich, well-to-do people living in a gated community.
  • Night Court once had a wealthy girl who had to choose between two men, a well-to-do rich man's son and a more rough-around-the-edges guy.
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