Right and Transgression


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Right noun – Something to which one has a just claim.
Transgression is an antonym for right.
Nearby Words: righteous, rightful, righted, rightly, righting
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Transgression noun – A breaking of a moral or legal code.
Right is an antonym for transgression in violation topic.
Nearby Words: transgress, transgressor, transgressed, transgressing
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Similar words of right
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Similar words of transgression
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How words are described

legal legal right legal transgression
single single right single transgression
worse worse right worse transgression

Both words in one sentence

  • The Beautiful Elite Genius: The Transgression: There are a group of people who are better, faster and stronger than any normal human has a right to be.
  • MacGyvering In Genius: The Transgression a Genius can "kitbash" a Wonder together in hours, minutes, or even seconds if they're powerful or have bought the right merit.
    Source: MacGyvering
  • Evil Luddite The Clockstoppers of Genius: The Transgression are Evil Luddites who have the power to nullify technology (that is, anything that could be considered a product of human ingenuity, right down to a sharpened stick).
    Source: Evil Luddite
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