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Road noun – A passage cleared for public vehicular travel.
Usage example: I think we should take one of the less congested roads

Way is a synonym for road in move topic. In some cases you can use "Way" instead a noun "Road", when it comes to topics like direction, nature, drive, trail. popular alternative
Nearby Words: roadway, roadside, roadless, roadie
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Way noun – A passage cleared for public vehicular travel.
Usage example: the town honored the local sports hero by naming after him a short way connecting two shopping centers

Road is a synonym for way in direction topic. You can use "Road" instead a noun "Way", if it concerns topics such as move, nature, passage, means. popular alternative
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How words are described

good good road good way
right right road right way
certain certain road certain way
painful painful road painful way
Other adjectives: entire, hard, wrong, bad, dark, main, new, major, different, literal.

Both words in one sentence

  • Hollywood Police Driving Academy: In Road Rash 3, police cars simply move to the left or the right while driving in order to block your way.
  • Kind Restraints In A Brother's Price, Cira holds Jerin in a way that makes him unable to move and puts her hand over his mouth, as they're just beside the road on which the women who kidnapped Jerin are riding, and she plans to trick them into riding past.
  • Film / Dead End It's actually just a desolate Small, Secluded World that loops on itself in every direction, and leaving the road for the woods is a great way to die.
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