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Roar noun – A violent shouting.
Sound is a synonym for roar in noise topic. In some cases you can use "Sound" instead the word "Roar" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like sound like thunder, growl.
Nearby Words: roaring, roared, roarer
Synonyms for Roar


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Sound noun – Range of hearing.
Roar is a synonym for sound in noise topic. Sometimes you can use "Roar" instead the word "Sound" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as sound like thunder, produce noise.
Nearby Words: sounded, soundness, soundly, sounding, sounder
Synonyms for Sound

How words are described

familiar familiar roar familiar sound
exact exact roar exact sound
distinctive distinctive roar distinctive sound
particular particular roar particular sound
Other adjectives: standard, original, single, loud, harsh, constant, little, horrible, distorted, new, unique, odd, last, metallic, creepy, hissing.

Common collocations

thanks roar thanks sound thanks
time roar time sound time

Both words in one sentence

  • At one point in Attack on Titan, the Female Titan hears a roar and the sound of rapid footsteps.
  • The "cougar/panther roar" stock sound is used as the death sound for the dogs in Silent Hill 3 and 4.
  • Most Annoying Sound The way bears roar in Skyrim appears to be bugged in such a way that the sound can't be stopped once it's started, and the last part of the sound is about twice as loud as it should be.
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