Run and Succession


Run noun - An unbroken chronological sequence.
Usage example: the play had a long run on Broadway

Succession is a synonym for run in order topic. In some cases you can use "Succession" instead a noun "Run", when it comes to topics like series, sequence.

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Succession noun - Acquisition of property by descent or by will.
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Synonyms for Succession

Run is a synonym for succession in sequence topic. You can use "Run" instead a noun "Succession", if it concerns topics such as order.

How words are described

old old run old succession
clear clear run clear succession
long long run long succession
normal normal run normal succession
Other adjectives: short, fast, regular, many, actual, big, bad, quick, main, easy, new, general, next, previous, presidential.

Both words in one sentence

  • Out-of-Genre Experience Grant Morrison's run on New X-Men was a succession of these instead of the routine superhero stuff: high school drama, sci-fi, murder mystery...
  • Video Game / The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess After the field is fully formed, any enemies within it will be run through in rapid succession by Link once you release the button, unless there are physical barriers blocking some opponents.
  • Ostensibly this was to ensure adequate succession planning, but it was seen at the time as a means of doing an end-run around a Supreme Court hostile to FDR's New Deal.
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