Rural and Urban


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Rural adjective – Of, relating to, associated with, or typical of open areas with few buildings or people.
Usage example: a painter noted for his rural landscapes

Urban is an antonym for rural in topics: rustic, country.
Nearby Word: rurally
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Urban adjective – Located in or characteristic of a city or city life.
Usage example: urban affairs

Rural is an antonym for urban.
Nearby Words: urbanity, urbanization, urbanize
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Similar words of rural
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Similar words of urban
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Things that words describes

character rural character urban character
life rural life urban life
people rural people urban people
family rural family urban family
Other nouns: culture, society, area, environment, setting, population, version, japan, America, Settings, areas, communities, locations.

Both words in one sentence

  • You pick a name (from a drop down list, don't expect to name your kid Sephiroth), gender, country, city, urban or rural, and personal attributes.
  • Country Mouse The contrast here is not so much urban/rural as it is book smarts/street smarts.
    Source: Country Mouse
  • In fact, the disconnect between rural and urban America is often a prominent theme in modern Fantasy Americana.
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