Sadness and Unhappiness


Sadness noun - A state or spell of low spirits.
Usage example: she was filled with sadness at the thought of having to leave her family

Unhappiness is a synonym for sadness in mental condition topic. In some cases you can use "Unhappiness" instead a noun "Sadness", when it comes to topics like melancholy, feelings. popular alternative

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Unhappiness noun - A state or spell of low spirits.
Usage example: with time the young woman got over the unhappiness caused by the breakup

Sadness is a synonym for unhappiness in mental condition topic. You can use "Sadness" instead a noun "Unhappiness", if it concerns topics such as melancholy, sorrow, depression, grief. popular alternative

How words are described

human human sadness human unhappiness
initial initial sadness initial unhappiness
genuine genuine sadness genuine unhappiness
deep deep sadness deep unhappiness
Other adjectives: perpetual, extreme, bitter, inner, general, less, eternal.
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