Sailor and Tar


Sailor noun - One who operates or navigates a seagoing vessel.
Usage example: the sailors were glad to be arriving in port after their long voyage
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Tar is a synonym for sailor in sea topic. In some cases you can use "Tar" instead a noun "Sailor", when it comes to topics like mariner, person who travels by sea. informal substitute

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Tar noun - One who operates or navigates a seagoing vessel.
Usage example: a book about the adventurous lives of tars, skippers, and pirates of the 18th century

Sailor is a synonym for tar in sea topic. You can use "Sailor" instead a noun "Tar", if it concerns topics such as mariner. popular alternative

Nearby Words: tarred, tared

Both words in one sentence

  • Strange Salute Though, according to Oda, the latter is an actual sailor salute used to avoid showing tar-stained hands to your superiors.
  • Pinafore (arranged by Alfred Cellier) uses "Then give three cheers for the sailor's bride" (opening section), the refrain from "Refrain, audacious tar" (ballad), "Never mind the why and wherefore" (A/B), and the refrain from "A British tar" (coda).
  • Big Book of War: The song "A British Tar" is a list of guidelines on how to be a model sailor in the British Navy, written by a First Lord of the Admiralty who had never so much as set foot on a ship until his appointment to that role.
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