Season and Toughen


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Season verb – To bring to a proper or desired state of fitness.
Usage example: carefully seasoned the cast iron pan with vegetable oil before using it for the first time

Toughen is a synonym for season in continue topic. In some cases you can use "Toughen" instead a verb "Season", when it comes to topics like acclimatize, make experienced.
Nearby Words: seasoned, seasonal, seasonable, seasoning, seasonably
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Toughen verb – To make able to withstand physical hardship, strain, or exposure.
Usage example: hiking every morning through snow and ice toughened him considerably

Season is a synonym for toughen in harden topic. You can use "Season" instead a verb "Toughen", if it concerns topics such as continue, strengthen.
Nearby Words: tough, toughness, toughening, tougher
Synonyms for Toughen

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  • Manga / WORKING!! Izumi mentions that she's spent a little time each day with Kozue to toughen her body enough so she could go find that girl she met from episode 3 of season 2 and hook her up with Souta to cheer him up after apparently breaking up with his girlfriend.
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