See and Take in


See verb - To have a clear idea of.
Usage example: I see your point

Take in is a synonym for see in understand topic. In some cases you can use "Take in" instead a verb "See", when it comes to topics like appreciate.

Nearby Words: seen, seeing

Take in

Take in verb - See or watch.

See is a synonym for take in in understand topic. You can use "See" instead a verb "Take in".

Both terms in one sentence

  • Fan Fic / Intrepid Awesomeness by Analysis: Taylor's powerset involves being able to see and take in an incredible amount of information about her surroundings, and using that information to do some outrageous things.
  • There are nearly infinite paths you can take in the game but only 2 of them will get you to be able to see the ending.
  • The Tsorteans take in the big wooden horse, see that it's full of air holes, and surround it with spearmen.
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