Settlement and Township


Settlement noun - An arrangement about action to be taken.

Township and settlement are semantically related in village topic. In some cases you can use "Township" instead a noun "Settlement", when it comes to topics like hamlet.

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Township noun - An administrative division of a county.
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Settlement and township are semantically related in village topic. You can use "Settlement" instead a noun "Township", if it concerns topics such as hamlet.

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Both words in one sentence

  • When a surprising number of these New Yorkers showed up and found nothing of the kind, they still stuck it out and named their little settlement "Lansing" after their New York home; the township in which Lansing was situated became known as Lansing Township.
  • Video Game / Zombies, Run! It also has zombies.The game is set around Abel Township, a small settlement that's sprung up around an old farmhouse.
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