Settlement and Village


Settlement noun - A community of people smaller than a town.

Village is a synonym for settlement in people topic. In some cases you can use "Village" instead a noun "Settlement", when it comes to topics like community, colony. popular alternative

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Village noun - A settlement smaller than a town.
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Synonyms for Village

Settlement is a synonym for village in people topic. You can use "Settlement" instead a noun "Village", if it concerns topics such as community, colony. popular alternative

Nearby Words: villa, villager

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  • Hidden Elf Village: The Case 53s that Mike ordered Cauldron to rehabilitate create a new settlement colony on an alternate earth full of Ghibli Hills.
  • Doomed Hometown Every Demon Hunter in Diablo III is a survivor of some village or other settlement ravaged by demons, which usually results in the deaths of every one of their family.
  • Literature / Star Trek: Vanguard Space Amish: The inhabitants of Kren'than village, the settlement on Vulcan where T'Prynn originates.
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