Shortage and Want


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Shortage noun – A falling short of an essential or desirable amount or number.
Usage example: there was a troubling shortage of supplies for the troops overseas this year

Want is a synonym for shortage in deficiency topic. In some cases you can use "Want" instead the word "Shortage" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like lack, amount, scarcity. popular alternative
Nearby Words: short, shorted, shortfall, shorting
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Want noun – The fact or state of being absent.
Usage example: the proverb that begins, “for want of a nail, the shoe was lost”

Shortage is a synonym for want in lack topic. You can use "Shortage" instead a noun "Want", if it concerns topics such as dearth. popular alternative
Nearby Words: wanting, wanted
Synonyms for Want

How words are described

real real shortage real want
big big shortage big want
great great shortage great want
bad bad shortage bad want
Other adjectives: desperate, local.

Both words in one sentence

  • Popularity Polynomial There's no shortage of celebrities who want to perform with them, as their 2011 film demonstrates.
  • When I Was Your Age... We had to make our own enchantment in them days." And in Witches Abroad, when she learns of a shortage of young girls who want to be witches, she blames it on "all this making your own entertainment.
  • Machinima / Yogscast Minecraft Series For Want of a Nail: The Red Matter incident was primarily triggered by the shortage of copper combined with Sips and Sjin wanting to mine in bulk rather by hand.
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