Shut down and Turn off

Shut down

Shut down verb - Cease to operate or cause to cease operating.
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Synonyms for Shut down

Turn off is a synonym for shut down in disable topic. In some cases you can use "Turn off" instead a verb "Shut down". popular alternative

Turn off

Turn off verb - To cause to feel disgust.

Shut down is a synonym for turn off in disable topic. You can use "Shut down" instead a verb "Turn off", if it concerns topics such as stop from operating. popular alternative

Both terms in one sentence

  • Windows 95, upon being shut down, would "end" on a blank screen except for the message "It is now safe to turn off your computer." Newer versions of Windows also would do the same, if run on PCs that cannot just turn themselves off instead of waiting for the user.
  • When the Red Queen (and the power) are shut down and restarted in the first film, some areas and devices turn off (and light up again) at different times.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory From Windows 95 to XP, choosing "Shut Down" or "Turn Off" from the Start menu would take you to a confirmation screen where you can choose to shut down, reboot, or cancel.
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