Slender and Wide


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Slender adjective – Being of less than usual width.
Usage example: graceful, slender table legs

Wide is an antonym for slender in thin topic.
Nearby Word: slenderly
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Wide adjective – Having a greater than usual measure across.
Usage example: the river is so wide that building a bridge across it would be impractical

Slender is an antonym for wide.
Nearby Word: widely
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Similar words of wide
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Things that words describes

frame slender frame wide frame
eyes slender eyes wide eyes
shoulders slender shoulders wide shoulders

Both words in one sentence

  • Sinister Scimitar Transformers: Generation 2 did this with their Laser Rods: While the Autobots had straight and slender blades, the Decepticons used wide, curved blades.
  • Big, Thin, Short Trio Bulkhead is wide as he is tall, Prowl is the most slender of the cast and Bumblebee is the shortest of the team and incredibly sensitive about his height.
  • Literature / Hurog aka: Dragon Bones Heroic Build: Ward and Tisala are both extremely tall and heavily-muscled for their respective sexes; Tisala in particular stands out since she is not a busty, statuesque, "slender-yet-toned" Amazonian Beauty, instead having a wide, blocky, muscular frame that rivals most men in strength.
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