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Snake noun – A limbless reptile with a long body.
Usage example: snakes are cold-blooded, so they regulate their body temperature by alternately basking in sunlight and seeking shade

Viper is a synonym for snake in animal topic. In some cases you can use "Viper" instead a noun "Snake", when it comes to topics like cheat. popular alternative
Nearby Words: snaking, snaky
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Viper noun – A limbless reptile with a long body.
Usage example: a viper sliding silently through the field

Snake is a synonym for viper in animal topic. You can use "Snake" instead a noun "Viper". popular alternative
Nearby Word: viperous
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  • Literature / The Plucker Animal-Themed Superbeing: Jack has a copperhead pit viper heart, snake-blood warpaint, a pin to sting and poison the Plucker, and his agility and reflexes are occasionally described as snake-like.
  • Snake People Viper features a Robot Girl amid a group of robotic snakes—the gynoid appears to have snake-like features herself.
    Source: Snake People
  • Manga / Kill Me Baby Yasuna instead finds a pit viper, and it takes her and Sonya a few seconds to realize it's a dangerous snake and run off.
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