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Spirit noun – A state of mind dominated by a particular emotion.
Usage example: had been in a combative spirit all week

Tone is a synonym for spirit in feeling topic. In some cases you can use "Tone" instead a noun "Spirit", when it comes to topics like attitude, atmosphere.
Nearby Words: spirited, spiritless, spiritual, spiriting, spirituality
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Tone noun – The set of qualities that makes a person, a group of people, or a thing different from others.
Usage example: all that showbiz glitz is out of keeping with the tone of the college

Spirit is a synonym for tone in attitude topic. You can use "Spirit" instead a noun "Tone", if it concerns topics such as mood.
Nearby Words: toneless, toned, toning, tonal
Synonyms for Tone

How words are described

high high spirit high tone
gentle gentle spirit gentle tone
similar similar spirit similar tone
original original spirit original tone
Other adjectives: friendly, proper, single, actual, dark, angry, general, red.

Both words in one sentence

  • Also, be very careful to maintain the tone and spirit of a particular author's creations.
  • Franchise / The Pink Panther Despite their almost completely negative critical reception, the reboot films are remarkably faithful to the tone and spirit of the original films.
  • Comic Book / Mega Man In the spirit of the Classic series, however, the tone remains largely idealistic.
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