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Spirited adjective – Marked by a lively display of strong feeling.
Usage example: the town meeting featured a spirited debate about the proposed ban on skateboarding in the plaza downtown

Vivacious is a synonym for spirited in lively topic. In some cases you can use "Vivacious" instead an adjective "Spirited", when it comes to topics like characteristic, action, vibrant, sprightly. popular alternative
Nearby Words: spirit, spiritual, spiritedly, spiriting
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Vivacious adjective – Having much high-spirited energy and movement.
Usage example: an outgoing, vivacious girl who became a successful sales rep

Spirited is a synonym for vivacious in lively topic. You can use "Spirited" instead an adjective "Vivacious", if it concerns topics such as characteristic, action, vibrant, sprightly. popular alternative
Nearby Words: vivacity, vivaciously
Synonyms for Vivacious

Things that words describes

man spirited man vivacious man
woman spirited woman vivacious woman
tomboy spirited tomboy vivacious tomboy
member spirited member vivacious member
Other nouns: personality, foil, sister, girls.

Both words in one sentence

  • Creator / Judy Holliday As spirited and vivacious as they come.Known for her high-pitched, dumb blondes, Judy Holliday (born Judith Tuvim, 1921-1965) was an American stage and film actor who began her career on Broadway (Kiss Them for Me) and gained fame as Billie Dawn in the Broadway hit, Born Yesterday (1950).
  • She's an older lady, but vivacious, spirited, cheeky, clever, charming and immensely hot, capable of taking care of herself and able to fool the Spanish by hiding Horatio's super important dispatches.
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