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Spooky adjective – Fearfully and mysteriously strange or fantastic.
Usage example: a spooky tale of strange hauntings and mysterious reincarnations

Weird is a synonym for spooky in eerie topic. In some cases you can use "Weird" instead the word "Spooky" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like fear, frightening. popular alternative
Nearby Words: spook, spooked, spooking
Synonyms for Spooky


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Weird adjective – Fearfully and mysteriously strange or fantastic.
Usage example: weird sounds from the woods just beyond our campsite

Spooky is a synonym for weird in fear topic. You can use "Spooky" instead an adjective "Weird", if it concerns topics such as odd, creepy. informal substitute
Nearby Words: weirdo, weirdly, weirding, weirded
Synonyms for Weird

Things that words describes

feeling spooky feeling weird feeling
stuff spooky stuff weird stuff
place spooky place weird place
scene spooky scene weird scene
Other nouns: time, way, dimension, story, effects, version, eyes, happenings, events, stories, outfits, creatures, sounds, noises, monsters.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Hausu Red Herring: Ryoko is introduced as weird and spooky, with an oddly detached manner, and a wind effect that always has her clothes blowing around her.
    Source: Film / Hausu
  • Empty Room Psych Same goes for Yume 2kki, Yume Nikki's fanmade "sequel." There is one room in the graveyard world that is particularly spooky – players call it the "weird room".
  • Web Animation / Baman Piderman Left the Background Music On: The spooky theremin-sounding music at the beginning of "Ghost Night" turns out to be Baman just making weird noises.
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