Story and Truth


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Story noun – A statement known by its maker to be untrue and made in order to deceive.
Usage example: she tells stories just to get attention, so don't believe that stuff about her father being somebody important

Truth is an antonym for story in topics: lie, account.
Nearby Words: storey, storied, storyline
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Truth noun – Agreement with fact or reality.
Story is an antonym for truth.
Nearby Words: truthful, truthfulness, truthfully, truthless
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How words are described

full full story full truth
common common story common truth
original original story original truth
single single story single truth
Other adjectives: simple, actual, entire, real, great, little, dark, personal, basic, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Temptation Of An Angel Adorkable: Kim Yeon-jae Alas, Poor Villain: After learning Ah-Ran's full back story and the truth behind her parents' murder, you can't help but feel sorry for her when she falls to her death.
  • Video Game / Quintessence Action Prologue All in a Row ...And That Little Girl Was Me: Kaire when telling the truth behind her identity - she wasn't really the Petal in the story she told, but instead Petal's friend.
  • Did Not Die That Way: Alex has the option of softening the story of Jason's demise to his paralegal Rachael, or of telling her the truth.
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