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Strong adjective – Able to withstand hardship, strain, or exposure.
Usage example: the doctor soon declared her strong enough to go home from the hospital

Worn is an antonym for strong.
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Worn adjective – Depleted in strength, energy, or freshness.
Usage example: she was feeling very worn after a long day at work

Strong is an antonym for worn.
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Things that words describes

style strong style worn style
men strong men worn men

Both words in one sentence

  • Beta: Balanced\Generalist\Ranger - the time-worn, lived-in spacefarers; well-balanced and able to create strong defenses while still able to meet the enemy with a strong offense at the same time.
  • Demonic Possession The strong willed may need to be worn down first though, otherwise they might try Fighting from the Inside.
  • In the Blood One story suggested Norman's father wasn't a terribly nice man; he may not have worn a funny costume, but he had the same obsession with "a strong heir" that Norm inflicted on Harry.
    Source: In the Blood
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