Success and Victory


Success noun - A person or thing that is successful.
Usage example: their homemade jellies have been such a success that they are now distributed nationwide

Victory is a synonym for success in accomplishment topic. In some cases you can use "Victory" instead a noun "Success", when it comes to topics like triumph, favorable outcome, favourable outcome. popular alternative


Victory noun - An instance of defeating an enemy or opponent.
Usage example: with great effort, our team managed an upset victory in the final moments

Success is a synonym for victory in accomplishment topic. You can use "Success" instead a noun "Victory", if it concerns topics such as triumph. popular alternative

How words are described

complete complete success complete victory
instant instant success instant victory
total total success total victory
true true success true victory
Other adjectives: resounding, small, real, massive, big, great, huge, little, partial, ultimate, early, major, immediate, minor, apparent, unexpected, military, overwhelming, guaranteed, eventual, greatest, biggest.

Both words in one sentence

  • I went out of my way not to steal because playing a career thief in Oblivion and Fallout 3 always ended with me earning a majority stake in the entire universe and all challenge was lost, so in this case I decided that I was role-playing a character with a crippling fear of victory and success.
  • There's also an alien race, mentioned in the fluff, that lives by Hollywood Tactics and measure success and victory in battle by how cool they were able to make the battle look, not if they succeeded at any tactical or strategic goals.
  • Dark Horse Victory The only downside to this surprise victory is that its one of the biggest reasons why other companies are slow to adapt to the Wii's success.
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