Surrender and War


Surrender noun - The usually forced yielding of one's person or possessions to the control of another.

War is an antonym for surrender.

Nearby Words: surrendered, surrendering


War noun - A state of armed violent struggle between states, nations, or groups.

Surrender is an antonym for war in topics: fight, armed conflict.

Nearby Words: warship, wartime

How words are described

full full surrender full war
entire entire surrender entire war
early early surrender early war
possible possible surrender possible war
Other adjectives: bloody, outright, inevitable, last.

Common collocations

place surrender place war place
forces surrender forces war forces

Both words in one sentence

  • Lampshaded by Churchill when he finally annouced something good (the German surrender and the war's end).
  • Film / Into the Storm (2009) Lampshaded by Churchill when he finally announced something good (the German surrender and the war's end).Churchill: After bringing me bad news for five years, in one feel swoop you have redeemed yourself.
  • Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys aka: Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey None of his plans work and he sits dejected in his war room and sighs, then inspiration strikes, he calls up France and declares war on them, they immediately surrender.
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